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After four years working in Ebix SmartOffice CRM, I had an opportunity to work with the Director of Product Management, Mr. Bryan Eshelbrenner, and developed a customer experience project. The project is to create a free trial journey which is to increase the conversion rate of prospects to paid customers. It goes without saying, every project has at least a few challenges and there are just two but quite challenging. One, it is to deliver the project without development support and two when the project goes live, it doesn't take resource from technical support team. With these withholdings in mind, we made a presentation in a couple weeks.





The project was presented to directors of the company with overview of current product weaknesses and advantages of using the new free trial program. Studies of Google Analytics and historical data in the past four years were analyzed and explained to support the presentation. Furthermore, three crucial sub-projects were proposed to insure the success of the free trial program:


  1. Free Trial Website
  2. SmartOffice Academy (Website and Lessons)
  3. Customized Seed Office (A customized CRM for free trial users)





The project was shortly approved and continued to lead by Bryan. We began to prepare a slice of the project for the next presentation. The slice includes how a prospect enters the Free Trial Website, sign up trial program, sign in to seed office and begins one of the SmartOffice Academy lessons.


  • Project design
  • Lesson planning
  • Task management
  • Website design
  • Form design
  • Seed office reconstruction
  • Report design
  • Software troubleshoot


  • SmartOffice Pro
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Google Doc, Sheet and Form
  • Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Adobe Muse

Other than designing the framework of the CX project and SmartOffice Academy, I drafted project websites and academy lessons and redesigned the customized seed office with demo data and custom reports to support academy lessons. Further works are progressively perfected by other product leaders and managers.





SmartOffice CRM comes with enormous learning resources such as online help system, online user guides, weekly webinars and over 70 video classes. How does SmartOffice Academy fit into these varies training materials? A simple way to explain is that we have textbooks but without curriculum. With years of teaching and lesson planning experience, I believe in order for prospects to use and manage a robust CRM such SmartOffice without using technical support resource, we need an education program with continuous and comprehensive curriculum, something like SmartOffice Academy.


SmartOffice Academy comes with four main sections in the initial phase of the project. Lessons in each section are programmed with a two-minute video, step-by-step instruction of the video, five quizzes and a side menu. The video and step-by-step instructions are designed for cadets to learn the material in a breeze of time and quizzes will help them retain the knowledge. The side menu is also an essential part of every lesson. It provides indepth materials, FAQ and knowledge of before and after the process learned in each lesson.



To be continued ... This is an on-going project. Last update is in February 2017.



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